About me

Name            :   Ilaria Neo Petrinec

known as      :   blackwinged-neotu

Date of Birth :   14.11.1987

Appearance  :   awkward fluff

Color choice  :   black

Drawin' tools :  - pen

                        - color pencils

                        - acrylic paint

                        - graphic tablet

                        - I Pad Air2






Since I was a kid and could hold a pencil, I am drawin'. I always wanted to be a comicartist, animator or illustrator. But as it is hard to find a job which could make this dream come true, it has just become a hobby.


Nevertheless I won't give up dreamin' and so I hope I'll manage to realize becomin' a great artist someday.

So if you're interested in my art or style or have ideas I shall draw for you, just let me know.

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